Easily Crowdsource Photos of your Wedding

Photograph of Bride

When my mom remarried a couple of years ago, she did something that I thought was really cool.

At the wedding ceremony, visitors were given disposable cameras so that they could take an active role in the wedding by helping to take pictures.

I thought this was a great idea for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was a cheap
  2. It would provide a greater amount of photos.

But, as I recall, not many people ended up using the cameras.

What Went Wrong?

I think the main issue is that disposable cameras are a big pain in the ass. Disposable cameras have to be manually wound for each shot, the button has to be pushed to charge the flash, and the packaging is a pain to open.

While the disposable cameras were a great idea, in hindsight, it makes sense that it didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped.

The Solution

Compare the process of taking pictures with disposable cameras to taking a picture with my iPhone where once I am in the camera app I can just keep tapping to take more pictures.

What if there were was a way to get pictures that your friends and family took without having to track them all down?

Well, there is such a thing. IFTT has a tool/recipe that will allow you to automagically save any images that your friends take at your wedding into a Dropbox folder!

IFTT: Instagram to Dropbox

Check the recipe out here: https://ifttt.com/recipes/188138-save-your-wedding-s-instagram-hashtag-photos-to-dropbox

Photo Credit: TarviRa | cc


I believe that crowdsourcing images for a wedding is a great idea, and can result in great candid shots.

That being said, I wouldn’t consider having a wedding without a professional photographer — And I would recommend that you hire a photographer as well.

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